DVD: Pete Seeger and Take Me To The River Children’s Community Chorus
runtime 35 minutes
$24.00 plus $4. S&H
Songs Include

Coming Round the Mtn


Hole in the Bucket


Take it from Dr.King


This Land is ...

This event was hosted by the non-profit organization 12 milesnorth. With the Take Me To The River Children’s Community Chorus debuting in a concert guided by legendary folk singer Pete Seeger.

The children ages 6 to 12 are an ensemble of local Hastings’ residents and the Westhab organizations’ community-based youth program at the Coachman Family Center in White Plains. The concert featured many songs, the majority of which are written by Mr. Pete Seeger and are included in his book Where Have All The Flowers Gone a sing-along memoir.    Visit 12 Miles North .org
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