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Gillen and Turk

"A winning match! Fred and Matt are two of the best singer-songwriters around, and together they're even more dynamic and compelling." —Lisa Grey, leading radio consultant

During the last five years both Fred Gillen Jr. and Matt Turk have engaged audiences and refined their art in the Hudson Valley's fertile singer-songwriter scene north of New York City. On numerous occasions the two performers shared the stage and eventually became close friends. After months of rehearsals, several impressive gigs around New England and world-wide notice in an Associated Press article that featured the duo auditioning for the Metropolitan Transit Authority in Manhattan, the news is finally out: Gillen & Turk are twisting their talent together into something new and exciting.

For the past several years both Gillen and Turk have been mainstays at the "Circle of Song" tent at the Great Clearwater Music and Arts Festival, an event inaugurated by Pete Seeger in the 1960s that's held each June on the banks of the Hudson River. This is where they first sang together, and fittingly so, considering the festival's environmental advocacy and eclectic musical offerings. The fans of these two artists know how much they mean what they sing. Together, Gillen & Turk mean that much more.

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Artist: Lisa Itts

Sourcerer ~ Lisa's most recent release... A hand-picked blend of eclectic acoustic songs, this CD takes each song and creates the perfect backdrop of music to illustrate the lyric. Sit back and enjoy this thought and feeling provoking record.

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Artist: Julia Joseph

A collection of refined and quietly bewitching songs that blossom beyond the confines of traditional folk to embraces the dynamics of jazz and blues. The musicians play with skill and taste, framing Julia's knack for vocal intimacy without grandstanding. Foremost is Julia herself, who styles her singing with a dedication to strike each song's sweet spot and make it radiate. "Hush" is a worthy freshman effort that sounds fully-realized on its premiere. Current fans can thank Julia Joseph for releasing a debut and getting it right, while new fans have a chance to discover an artist who is committed to artistic excellence and integrity.

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Jardsoul ~Release Me. 2007 Since the release of the self-titled EP Jardsoul in 2004, the band has been waiting for the right time to release their next great masterpiece. After waiting years for everything to come together, that time is now. The breakout, full-length album Release Me is now available and was well worth the wait. Each of the eleven songs stands alone, yet come together to create a unified album.
What do you get when four individuals combine years of confusion, dissatisfaction, and disappointment in relationships with equal amounts of passion, desire, dedication and love? Crank up the volume and you get Jardsoul.
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